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Ceylon Tour

Day 01 : Relax on Arrival at Negombo Beach Hotel

Located 35km north of Colombo and 6km from the island's mail international airport, Negombo is famous for its gorgeous sandy beach and the old fishing industry .Being the fishing town , Negombo is popular as a paradise of fresh see food. The beautiful sandy beach coupled with the surrounding star class hotels attracts tourist around the world.

Overnight Stay at Negombo. Accommodation Options: (I) Jetwing Blue-5*, (II) Club Hotel Dolphins-4*, or 3* Star Hotel

Day 02 : Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

Being the first elephant orphanage and its unique way of maintaining a large free herd of elephants, this elephants orphanage has become famous among international tourist and place of vital importance in tourist itineraries at present , the elephant orphanage serves as a conservation and breeding center as well as a place of informal educational on elephants and their conservation.

Now it has above 86 elephants and is the largest captive. Elephant breeding center in the world , visitors can see the elephants in and around the Ma Oya river and bathing in flowing water

Overnight Stay at Sigiriya. Accommodation Options: (I) Aliya Resort & Spa-5*, (II) Amaya Lake-4*, or 3* Star Hotel

Day 03 : Ancient City of Anuradhapura

Recorded history refers to Anuradhapura as the first capital of Sri Lanka.This extensive city still holds relics of architectural ruins of its ancient kingdom and Buddhist temples not seeing in most parts of the world. Be prepared to grip history the minute you step in to this sacred city " Anuradhapura" . It is the base of ancient civilization in Sri Lanka. and ancient city with a rich heritage in history , culture , politics and religion.

This UNESCO world heritage site offers deep insight in to the life and times of the majestic kings of Sri Lanka and the engineering and architectural positional of the times.

Mihintale is where Buddhism was first introduced to Sri Lanka. Mihintale is regarded as the cradle of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. The rock is riddled with shrines and rock dwellings. A grand stairway of 1,840 steps made out of granite slabs of 15' wide leads to the summit from where one could get a splendid view of the surrounding countryside

Located 30 Km north of Dambulla Akuna is known for the finely sculptured 12 m high statue of the Lord Buddha which is carved out of a rock face. The statue is believed to be built during the 5th century during the reign of King Dhatusena. The statue stands tall next to the Kala Wewa (Tank). This statue of the Lord Buddha is sculpted in the asisa mudra (The blessing position), which is unconventional for Sri Lanka. In this position the Lord Buddha holds his right hand up turned sideways. 'Aukana' means 'sun eating' and the best time to view the statue is during the break of dawn. The statue faces the east and the low lights bring out the intricate details of the statue.

Overnight Stay at Sigiriya. Accommodation Options: (I) Aliya Resort & Spa-5*, (II) Cinnamon Lodge-4*, or 3* Star Hotel

Day 04 : Ancient City of Polonnaruwa/Elephant Back Ride/Optional Safari at Minneriya National Park

Mahavansa and Chulawansa speak of Pulasthipura; the early historical name of Polonnaruwa; a UNESCO world heritage site, which has a great history of invasions and struggle. Behind it rightfully forms thee third element in the Cultural Triangle. Located about 140kms north east of Kandy, Polonnaruwa offers hours of endless pleasure for history and culture loves as there are numerous sights of significance.

Overnight Stay at Sigiriya. Accommodation Options: (I) Aliya Resort & Spa-5*, (II) Lake Polonnaruwa-4*, or 3* Star Hotel

Day 05 : Sigiriya Rock Fortress /Dambulla Cave Temple/ Spice Garden

Sigiriya consist of an ancient castle build by king Kassapa during the 5th century . However beginnings and the original builder of the Sigiriya is challenged by many local and foreign historians and archaeologist . The Sigiriya has the leftovers of an upper palace on the flat top of the rock, A mid level terrace including the Lion Gate and the mirror wall with its fresh frescoes , the lower palace that clings to the slopes below the rock : the moat , walls ,and garden extending for some hundreds of meters out from the base of the rock. It is both a palace and a fortress . Despite its age , the splendor of the palace still furnishes a stunning insight into the ingenuity and creativity of its builders .

Dambulla is part of the cultural Triangle. It houses the gigantic Dambulla Cave temple declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Dambulla caves date Dating back to the First Century BC, the Golden Temple of Dambulla has been the centre of pilgrimage for Buddhists and Hindus alike for 22 centuries. It is Sri Lanka's most popular historic site. The Cave monastery, home to Buddhist monks is covered with exquisite 2,000 year-old murals depicting the life and times of the Lord Buddha. The shrines also house a collection of 157 statues of Buddha in various sizes and poses, including a 15 meter long reclining Buddha and vividly coloured frescoes on the walls and ceiling, making this the largest antique painted surface in the world.

The low hills of Matale are ideal for growing spices such as cardamom, pepper, vanilla, cloves and nutmeg. You can have a look around a spice garden and buy some aromatic spices here too!

Overnight Stay at Sigiriya. Accommodation Options: (I) Aliya Resort & Spa-5*, (II) Lake Polonnaruwa-4*, or 3* Star Hotel

Day 06 : Temple of the Tooth Relic /Royal Botanical Gardens/Cultural Show

The sacred Temple of the Tooth in the historic city of Kandy houses one of Buddhism's most sacred relics and draws followers of the Buddhist faith from all over the world. The Royal Complex situated around the Temple of the Tooth and Kandy Lake – comprising of the King's Palace, the Queens Palace, the Audience Hall, the Royal Boathouse and the Royal Summer House, represent the zenith of ancient Sri Lankan architecture.

The royal botanic gardens at peradeniya occupies a horse-shoe-shaped peninsula and the scenic splendor of the garden has been raised to greater heights by the longest river of sri lanka , The Mahaweli , which flows through its fringes, The total area is 147 acres (about 60 hectares)containing about 4500 plant species. This contains more than 300 verities of exquisite orchids blooming in profusion.

Overnight Stay at Kandy. Accommodation Options: (I) Cinnamon Citadel-4* (II) Tourmaline-4* or 3* Star Hotel

Day 07 : Nuwara Eliya Tea Plantation & Factory/Ramboda Falls

Sri Lanka's Premier hill resort is unique as it has a characteristically cooler mountain climate when compared to other locations in Sri Lanka. Nuwara Eliya is also the heart of Sri Lanka's tea country, producing some of the world's best tea. The mountain slops and valleys are a carpet of velvety green tea plantations, interspersed with gushing streams and tumbling waterfalls. Red or green roofed plantation bungalows, English country style homes and hotels with lovely flower gardens, a fine 18-hole golf course and a racecourse gives Nuwara Eliya a decidedly British character.

Overnight Stay at Nuwara Eliya. Accommodation Options: (I) Araliya Green Hills-4* (II) Grand Hotel-4* or 3* Star Hotel

Day 08 : Horton Plains Hike/Scenic Nature Train Trip From Nanu Oya to Ella

One of the world best nature reserves and ecotourism venues was designated a national park in 1988, is covered by montage grassland and cloud forest in the country. This plateau at an altitude of 2,100–2,300 meters (6,900–7,500 ft) is rich in biodiversity and many species found here are endemic to the region. In general the forest are seen on the hilltops or upper slope the grassland in the valleys and lower slopes eventually giving way to wetland habits. The park is home to wide variety of flora and 24 species of mammals. In fact important Bird area with many species not only endemic to Sri Lanka. The sheer precipice of World's End and Baker's Falls are among the tourist attractions of the park.

Frequent clouds cover the amount of sunlight that is available to plants, The mean annual temperature is 13 C but the temperature varies considerable during the course of a day reaching as 27 c during the day time and dipping as low as 5 c at night. It is also a vital bird area with many species not only endemic to Sri Lanka but also restricted to Horton Plains. The steep precipices of the World's End and Baker's fall are amidst the tourist attractions of the park.

Overnight Stay at Nuwara Eliya. Accommodation Options: (I) Araliya Green Hills-4* (II) Grand Hotel-4* or 3* Star Hotel

Day 09 : Wild Life Safari at Udawalawe national park

In the evening do a safari of the Udawalawe National Park. This is a dry zone park which was declared as a national park in 1972. The park falls between the Udawalawe reservoir and the Walawe River and is surrounded by the scenic beauty of the mountain range that keeps on winding endlessly on the Balangoda, Kalthota and Haputale escarpments. This park is famous for its elephants seen in all their playfulness, whole herds of them, adults and babies bathing and playing in the water or feeding.

In addition to elephants, spotted deer, sambhur, barking deer, gray langur, water buffalo and jackal are some of the prominent wild animals found in this park. Serpent eagles, hawk eagles, white bellied sea eagles, black capped bulbuls, Malabar pied horn bills, white necked storks, open bills, white ibis, white rumped-shama, the forest Nightingale, stork billed kingfishers and peacocks are also found in fair numbers.

Overnight Stay at Udawalawa. Accommodation Options: (I) Grand Udawalawa Resort-4* (II) The Safari-4* or 3* Star Hotel

Day 10 : kataragama/Whales Dolphins Watching-November to April

This is a very popular place of pilgrimage for south Indian Hindus as it is said that God Kataragama came from India, married a Jungle Girl from Sri Lanka and lived here. When his Indian wife came in search of him he refused to go back. The legend has it that all of them lived here happily thereafter. There are separate shrines for the two wives, Tevani Amman Kovil for the Indian wife and Valli Amman Kovil for the Sri Lankan wife.

Thereafter visit Ussanggoda. (Approximately 2 Hrs Drive) According to Ramayana, after meeting Sitadevi, Lord Hunuman decided to test the strength of the mighty King Ravana and his army of Rakshasas. During the events that unfolded Lord Hanuman’s tail was set on fire by the Rakshasa’s, and Lord Hanuman in turn went on to torch some parts of King Ravana’s empire.Ussanggoda is on the torched areas, which is said to have been an airport used by King Ravana. 

Unawatuna located south if Galle is a world-renowned beach and undoubtedly the most famous beach in Sri Lanka. The gorgeous beach, coral reef and delicious seafood available in the surrounding hotels attract many tourists. It is known for scuba diving, surfing and many more water sports. The Jungle Beach, Rhumassala Hills, Kathaluwa Temple, Galle Fort are nearby exiting places to visit.

Overnight Stay at Mirissa. Accommodation Options: (I) Amaloh Hotel (II) The Fortress Hotel or 3* Star Hotel

Day 11 : Discover the Dutch Fort Galle/Hikkaduwa Beach/Turtle Hatchery

Galle is a city consisted of popular tourist destinations, recognized across the world by UNESCO. Galle Dutch Fort, the number 01 choice of the tourists is known as the oldest fort in Asia. Galle fort is unique , very special and charming as there are no other sites,areas,fortress or location when compared with galle fort walled city of 38 hectares (90 acres)in Sri Lanka. The Galle light house and Galle Museum are nevertheless worth a visit.

Hikkaduwa is a small coastal town in the south situated 99Kms south of Colombo. Well-known for its beach, coral gardens and night life, Hikkaduwa is one of most popular tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. The coral sanctuary replete with colorful fish is quite fascinating and you can explore these fantasies in a glass-bottomed boat. This is also a better place for sunbathing,snorkelling, boar-surfing and many other pastimes.

Overnight Stay at Hikkaduwa. Accommodation Options: (I) Chaaya Traz Hikkaduwa-4* (II) Lavenga Resort-4* or 3* Star Hotel

Day 12 : Colombo City tour & Departure

You can spend the rest of the day enjoying some sightseeing in Colombo along with some shopping before transferring to the hotel to catch the flight to onward destinations.

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