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Desroches Island Resort



The advent of civilisation can often disturb the allure and simplicity of paradise. To delight in ultimate luxury there usually has to be sacrifice. But what if we want it all . . . to experience an untouched natural sanctuary on an island in the far reaches of the Indian Ocean, without leaving behind the sophistication that modern life has to offer . . .
Private Desroches Island is a luxurious Seychelles Resort in the Amirante Archipelago, considered to be of the most pristine and untouched islands still around today. The naturally inspired and tastefully modern Beach Retreats and Exclusive Villas provide the epitome in luxury and opulent indulgence. Blessed with one of the world’s healthiest climates, and miles of unblemished beaches, Desroches Island is a refuge for romance, adventure and pampered relaxation.



Beach Suite

Relax and unwind on your private deck positioned for the setting sun. The Beach Suites are set amongst lush tropical gardens, palm trees and green lawns, just a few metres from the beach. Type: 1 Bedroom Suite Size: 82 m²

Beach Retreats

Each Beach Retreat is equipped with a private plunge pool, deck and living area. The Beach Retreats are decorated in a unique style that embraces the natural surroundings and sets the tone for an unforgettable romantic escape. Type: 1 Bedroom Luxury Suite Size: 124 m²

Beach Villas

Arguably the finest beach villas in Seychelles, each Beach Villa has its own private rim flow swimming pool, central living and entertainment area as well as a equipped modern kitchen. Type: 4 Bedroom Pool Villa Size: 440 m²

Dibwa Retreat

Dibwa Retreats are located on the picturesque Madam Zabre Beach, surrounded by dense, green raw island foliage, the Dibwa Retreat sets the standard for luxurious island chic villa living in the Seychelles.

>Type: 3 Bedroom Deluxe Pool Villa

Size: 661 m²

Dibwa Residence

The Dibwa Residence is arguably one of the most exclusive residences in Seychelles, a combination of two Beach Retreats and one Dibwa Retreat makes for a 776 m² private piece of paradise.

>Type: 5 Bedroom Deluxe Island Villa

Size: 881 m²

Madam Zabre Spa Retreat

The Madam Zabre Spa Retreat has 3 private swimming pools, a large central living and entertainment area, as well as a modern, equipped Miele kitchen. The design allows a choice of pure privacy or open living.

>Type: 3 Bedroom Deluxe Spa Villa

Size: 767 m²

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