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The Republic of Seychelles comprises 115 islands occupying a land area of 455 km² and an Exclusive Economic Zone of 1.4 km² in the western Indian Ocean. It represents an archipelago of legendary beauty that extends from between 4 and 10 degrees south of the equator and which lies between 480km and 1,600km from the east coast of Africa. Of these 115 islands, 41 constitute the oldest mid-oceanic granite islands on earth while a further 74 form the low-lying coral atolls and reef islands of the Outer Islands.

The granitic islands of the Seychelles archipelago cluster around the main island of Mahé, home to the international airport and the capital, Victoria, and its satellites Praslin and La Digue. Together, these Inner Islands form the cultural and economic hub of the nation and contain the majority of Seychelles’ tourism facilities as well as its most stunning beaches.



Seychelles’ 115 granite and coral islands extend from between 4 and 10 degrees south of the equator and lie between 480km and 1,600km from the east coast of Africa in the western Indian Ocean.

This Indian Ocean republic occupies a land area of 455 km² and an Exclusive Economic Zone of 1.4 million km². It represents an archipelago of timeless beauty, tranquillity and harmony that is famous for its world-beating beaches and for its great diversity which rolls from lush forests down to the warm azure ocean.

Seychelles is home to no less than two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the legendary Vallée de Mai on Praslin where the wondrously shaped Coco-de-mer nut grows high on ancient palms and fabled Aldabra, the world’s largest raised coral atoll, first seen by early Arab seafarers of the 9th century A.D.

Seychelles, one of the world’s very last frontiers, promises adventure and breathtaking natural beauty in pristine surrounds still untouched by man.


The Seychelles’ climate is one which is always warm and does not reach extremes of heat or cold. The temperature rarely drops below 24°C or rises above 32°C. All but the remotest southern islands lie outside the cyclone belt making Seychelles’ a year round destination for sun worshippers and beach lovers.

Culture & Heritage



Seychelles is a comparatively young nation which can trace its first settlement back to 1770 when the islands were first settled by the French, leading a small party of whites, Indians and Africans. The islands remained in French hands until the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo, evolving from humble beginnings to attain a population of 3,500 by the time Seychelles was ceded to Britain under the treaty of Paris in 1814.

Seychelles achieved independence from Britain in 1976 and became a republic within the commonwealth.

Flora & Fauna

Seychelles is a living museum of natural history and a sanctuary for some of the rarest species of flora & fauna on earth. With almost 50% of its limited landmass set aside as national parks and reserves, Seychelles prides itself on its record for far sighted conservation policies that have resulted in an enviable degree of protection for the environment and the varied ecosystems it supports.

Nowhere else on earth will you find unique endemic specimens such as the fabulous Coco-de-mer, the largest seed in the world, the jellyfish tree, with only eight surviving examples, the Seychelles’ paradise flycatcher and Seychelles warbler.

Seychelles is also home to two U.N.E.S.C.O World Heritage Sites: Aldabra, the world’s largest raised coral atoll and Praslin’s Vallée de Mai, once believed to be the original site of the Garden of Eden.

From the smallest frog to the heaviest land tortoise and the only flightless bird of the Indian Ocean, Seychelles nurtures an amazing array of endemic species within surrounds of exceptional natural beauty.

Important events

The ‘SUBIOS Underwater Festival’, showcases Seychelles’ extraordinary underwater world through a series of film shows, talks and competitions, while the 'Festival Kreol' (a week-long celebration of Creole heritage and traditions) is held in October respectively of each year.

The Seychelles Sailing Cup, an international sailing event, is held in January and the International Fishing Competition in March. Further local fishing competitions are held throughout the year.

The Seychelles International Carnaval de Victoria the focal point of an annual ‘Carnaval des Carnavals’ bringing representatives from the world’s best carnivals to participate in 3 days of celebration (period in March 2012) alongside cultural groups from the community of nations.

Fast Facts



There are three official languages: Creole, English and French

Excellent reasons to choose Seychelles

  • Two unique world heritage Sites : The Vallee De Mai Garden and Aldabra Atoll
  • Unique Flora and fauna
  • World Class fishing and scuba diving
  • Miles of uncrowned beaches
  • The Friendly, unspoiled charm and smiles of the Seychellois
  • “ As described the Island of Love and romance “ The perfect spot for wedding and Honeymoon
  • Exotic Cooking with the best recipes

What to pack

  • Light clothing for the tropical conditions. It is advisable to carry a change of light clothing for disembarkation when coming from a winter climate
  • Be sun smart and bring hat, sunglasses and high UV protection, on a overcast day the tropical sun is strong
  • Camera for those memorable moments. It is advisable to bring along some spare batteries particularly if you are intending to island hop or for special digital cameras, batteries for cameras are not readily available and there are no developing facilities for EPS cameras
  • Casual eveningwear for dinning and entrance into casinos ( Long trousers for men)
  • Walking shoes for those adventurous travelers booking guided Walks and trails
  • Any medical you may require for treatment of a specific conditions


Master card access and Visa cards are widely accepted. ATM facilities are available at major banks on Mahe,Praslin and La Digue. All transaction can be done in Seychelles local Rupees or the common foreign currencies.



There are no visa requirements to enter the Seychelles;

Entry: Documents required for immigration clearance:

  • Passport valid on the date of entry and exit
  • Return or onward ticket
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Sufficient funds for the duration of stay

Presentation of all the above documents will grant you a visitor’s permit that will be issued upon arrival by the Seychelles department of immigration.


Seychelles boast a wide range of accommodation facilities ranging from self-catering, guest houses, hotels both large and small and 5-star luxury establishments plus the Exclusive Island Resorts.

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